Why Iskandar Malaysia

  • New Economic Powerhouse: The 1st special economic zone of Malaysia, mirroring the successful economic model of Hong Kong and Shenzhen
  • Close Proximity To Singapore: Only 2km from Singapore, making Iskandar Malaysia the ideal future base for Singapore to expand their business and to provide alternative place for Singaporean retirement needs due to the scarcity of land bank and high cost of living in Singapore
  • Global Connectivity: A 4km-long railway from Singapore (MRT) will be connected to Iskandar Malaysia by 2024, providing seamless border crossing between the two countries. Iskandar Malaysia is also home to the world’s 19th largest container port (PTP) and Senai International Airport with direct flights to regional countries (Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam)
  • Business Investment Magnet: Successfully attracted USD64 billion accumulated investments from both local and foreign companies since 2006, with Johor (where Iskandar Malaysia is located) retaining the no. 1 position for the Malaysian states to attract the highest investment amount for manufacturing sectors for 6 consecutive years (2013 to 2018)
  • Global Education Hub: Home to renowned international schools, colleges and universities from The UK, The US, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Netherlands
  • Property Investment Opportunity: The prevailing selling price for high-end property in Iskandar Malaysia is about USD3,000 per square meter (1/6 of the price in Singapore), posing a good potential for capital appreciation once the economic, social and transportation system integration between Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore starts to take place