Why Malaysia

  • Growing Middle-Class Segment: Moving towards high-income nation status by 2020 (IMF, World Bank)
  • Strong Economic Fundamental: Steady GDP growth of around 5% over the past 10 years
  • Robust Domestic Demand: 32 million population with average age of 29 years old
  • Ideal For Living: Clean air, moderate weather (22°c to 32°c) and no natural disasters
  • Built For Future: Excellent infrastructure, business-friendly environment and home to a wide choice of world-class international schools

Impressive Global Rankings:

  • The best country to retire: No. 1 in Asia (US International Living Magazine 2019)
  • The best country to invest: No. 1 in the world (US CEO World Magazine 2018)
  • The best healthcare system: No. 1 in the world (US International Living Magazine 2017)
  • The best country to drive: No. 1 in Southeast Asia (Waze 2016)